With Sheet2Site you can create detail pages to show more detail information.

For SEO is important to not just have a one page website. Google likes websites with more pages and good content. To be able to do it, you can create more pages which will show detailed information.

There are different types of subpages so you can choose what will the best for your specific case:

Detail Pages

Detail Pages can show detailed information of a Product or it can About, Contact pages etc:

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Detail pages links

Each detail page have its own unique link and looks like this:

      https://sheet2site.com/api/v3/index.php?key=1dbdwZ3JHMR5Vh-8B9bBPQWvEx_tR7dlJjhigW1gs7OE &page;=rolex-oyster

      https://sheet2site.com/api/v3/index.php?key=1dbdwZ3JHMR5Vh-8B9bBPQWvEx_tR7dlJjhigW1gs7OE &page;=about

    Custom domain:
      example.com/ rolex-oyster
      example.com/ about
Sheet Example

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How to add a Detail Page
  1. Open Detailed Pages tab in your sheet.
  2. Add a new row below A3
      Subpage link - will create automaticaly based on your title. You don't need to edit it. Note: Please do not break a formula in A3
      Title - header title of your detail page
      Description - Supports Markdown syntax, so you can do some advanced text formating. More info here
      Image link (optional)
      Button name (optional) - button name
      Button link (optional) - button link
      Template - Markdown
How to link your Detail Page to your Home Page

It will have much more sense if your detail page will be accessible from your home page so your users can find it. You can add a link of a detail page in 2 places:

    Navbar tab - if it's a page like a about or contact pages:

      Link destination / sheet2site URL must have format ./about (including the dot) same as in the Detail Pages tab.

    Cards tab - if it's a product detail page. In the Link column

      Link must have format ./rolex-oyster (including the dot) same as in the Detail Pages tab.

Sheet2Site Nested Lists

If you have too big list on your home page it might be a good idea to split his list into 2 lists. So one list will be on the home page ( example.com ) and another will be on ( example.com/list2 )

How to create a Nested Lists?

  1. Make a copy of your current sheet. File -> Make a copy
  2. Share (top right corner) -> Get shareable link -> Anyone with a link can view
  3. Press "Update website" and the sheet2site website link. This will be your list2
  4. Open your home page sheet, navbar tab and add new row below:
      Link name - how it will be shown in the navbar
      Type of link - Link/Button
      Link destination / sheet2site URL - your sheet2site website link to your list