Individual Page Template

Do you have a big sheet and you want to show each row as a separate page with a unique URL?

If you want to create a website for your business you might want to show only specific information for specific people who knows a unique URL and can't see the information about each other.

Use cases:

  • Transactions
  • Sales reports
  • Personalized page that


Let's say we want to make a website for salespersons who want to know their current bonuses that are updating in the Google Sheet.

How does it work?

The Logic

  1. Each row in the sheet is representing an individual page.
  2. Each person needs to know their unique URL to be able to open the page
  3. You can hide some of the columns that you don't want to show on a page. For example, the phone number is hidden
  4. The Home page will show an error asking to enter a unique URL

Demo Pages:

URLs Customization

URLs can be pretty much any text:

  • Phone number
  • Last name
  • Large number that is hard to guess

Custom HTML Templates

Custom Templates Plan

If you need something fancier than a table you can use any HTML template. Just copy it directly to the Google Sheet.

Use power of Google Sheet to automate

For example, if you want to make an individual personalized pages for your customers that look the same just with the different information and links.

It will replace the data from the Google Sheet and put them into a page with unique URL:

Stop doing it manually!

Don’t spend up all night copy pasting pages.


You can customize header titles with the first name of the person or something else to make the page more personalized.

Password Protection

Enterprise Plan

Additionally, each person can have it's own login and password that will in stored in a Google Sheet.


  • Multiple persons can open many pages simultaneously.
  • Connect a custom domain
  • Updates are automatic if you do any changes in the Google Sheet




$ 588

Billed monthly

Connect 3 Custom domains
Removed «Made with Sheet2Site»
Payments via Stripe

Unlimited websites using the Sheet2Site domain
Unlimited cards per page
Filters and search
Detail pages and subpages
2x Faster page loading
Google Analytics
Chat with your users
Custom Javascript/CSS Style



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