To make your content look better, you can format it with basic HTML Syntax. You can add titles, lists, images, links and more by inserting these HTML tags in your Google Sheet, which will be displayed on your website.

For example let's say that you want to format your vacancy description:

You can add this code snippen to your decription:

    <h3>We would like to hear from you if you have...</h3>
        <li>A deep understanding of Agile frameworks and Lean principles, at the level of the principles and values,
            to enable appropriate application as well as innovation</li>
        <li>A strong ability to understand complex systems, relentlessly managing the technical and business risk
            landscape, anticipating and mitigating emerging issues </li>
        <li>Experience facilitating and leading continual planning processes in a complex and exciting environment
        <li>Proven experience on achieving goals and hitting deadlines, based on company-wide objectives, regardless
            of the obstacles</li>
        <li>An ability to facilitate, catalyse and lead organisational change and transformation, drawing on change
            management, organisation culture, organisation development and systems thinking</li>
        <li>A high level of emotional intelligence, excellent communication skills, ability to listen with empathy
            and enable people to act by increasing insight</li>
        <li>Youโ€™re excited to be part of the vibrant Delivery Community at Improbable, challenging and improving
            processes to increase the effectiveness of a team or division.</li>