Restaurant Menu Maker with QR Code from Google Sheets

Make a Beautiful Restaurant Menu with QR Code from Google Sheets, No Coding or Design Skills Required

Do you have a restaurant or cafe business? Then you need to update your menu quite often because everything is changing so quickly. You might want to change the price of the dish, or simply remove some items from the menu.

Keep your Restaurant Menu Up-to-date

The easiest way to keep your menu up-to-date is by using Google Sheets.

You can put your entire restaurant menu to the Google Sheets with all your dishes, descriptions, prices, images, and make Sheet2Site do the rest.

Use Restaurant Template

Sheet2Site has a beautiful Restaurant Template that was made exactly for this purpose.

You can embed it to your existing website using.

Menu Customizations

You completely customize your menu with different font and colors. Also, you can remove some elements that you don't need. For example, some restaurants do not add photos of the dishes.


These days many users prefer to use their mobile phones to searc the web. Our menu is optimized for mobile with nice responsive design.

QR Code

You can create a QR code for your website menu directly in your Google Sheet.

For example you can add your Sheet2Site website link:

The formula is quite easy. It will be displayed as a image:

Demo of the Restaurant Menu

Please take a look on this demo of restaurant menu made only with Google Sheets:


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More Examples

Explore More Restaurants Website Examples that were Made by People using Sheet2Site

Need help?

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