How to Add a Google Sheet to Squarespace

Add a Google Sheet to your Squarespace website as an embedded table. All changes in Google Sheet will be automatically updated in Squarespace website.


If you have a Squarespace website and you want to embed a Google Sheet there, this article will help you to do it.

Follow these steps:

  1. Share Your Google Sheet
  2. Created a Code Snippet
  3. Paste the Code Snippet to a Squarespace Page
  4. How Your Squarespace Page Will Look Like

Google Sheet Example:

For example, you have a pricing table in a Google Sheet that that you would like to embed.

This sheet might look like this:

How it will look in Squarespace:

After you will have a beautiful responsive table that can be added to your Squarespace website:

1. Share your Google Sheet

Open your Google Sheet that you would like to embed to your website

  1. Click on the Share button in the top right corner

  1. Choose Anyone with a link
  2. Done

By default will be used your first left sheet (tab). If you would like to add another sheet, simply drag and drop this particular sheet to the left side to make the first one.

2. Created a code snippet

Copy Google Sheet Link:


Paste Google Sheet link:

Press the button:

Copy this code snippet:

3. Paste the code snippet to a Squarespace page

Squarespace has an awesome feature that called Code Block. It is allow you to add a custom HTML and Javascript code snippets that will be added to your website. Do not confuse with a Embed Block.

This feature is only avalible in Squarespace paid plans. Here is how you can add it:

  1. Open your Squarespace website in the editing mode.
  2. Create or select a page where you would like to add your Google Sheet.
  3. Click on insert point

  1. Select Code

  1. Open the code editor

  1. Paste the code snippet into the code area and click Apply:

4. How your Squarespace page will look like

You should see a Google Sheet table on the Squarespace page. Your Squarespace page elements like a navigation bar, a logo, a footer, etc. will stay the same, only inside the page, you will see a table like this:

Need help?

If you need any help with adding a Google Sheet to Squarespace please chat with our support and I will be happy to help you.

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