About Sheet2Site


👋 Hi!

I'm Andrey. I've created Sheet2Site.

I working on this project alone full time and doing everything: development (front-end and back-end), design, support, sales, marketing, content writing, videos a other things. It's a bit hard but it's fun.

It's a great feeling when your side-project can become your full time job.

I wish everyone to start their own side-projects. You will never know what can happen. If I did it you can also do it!
I belive in you! ❤️

The Story

When I was working on my previous project darkmodelist.com I needed to manage a lot of content like titles, links, image etc. Using SQL database was too complicated so I decided to connect this speadsheet to my website and it worked like a charm.

Later I thought it might be great to create a tool that would help people generate beautiful websites, just in a few clicks, from Google Sheet, without code.

In March 2018, I launched the first version of Sheet2Site and since then, thousands of people made their own webistes.

You can read the full story how I created Sheet2Site.

1 year later in March 2019 I launched Sheet2Site 2.0.

After that I was working on it full time and improving the product.

Sheet2Site Was Acquired

In June 2021 Sheet2Site was acquired by Neil Witten. You can read the article here.