About Sheet2Site


What is Sheet2Site?

Sheet2Site is a tool that will help you create a beautiful website from Google Sheets with pictures, text, filters and links, without writing code.

Why should I use Sheet2Site?

Because, if you have an idea and you know basics of Google Sheets you can easily and quickly create a website and make your idea live without procrastination and pain.


I'm Andrey. I created Sheet2Site.

When I was working on my previous project I needed to manage a lot of content like titles, links, image etc. Using SQL database was too complicated so I decided to connect this speadsheet to my website and it worked like a charm.

Later I thought it might be great to create a tool that would help people generate beautiful websites, just in a few clicks, from Google Sheet, without code.

In March 2018, I launched Sheet2Site and since then, thousands of people made their own webistes.

You can read the full story how I created Sheet2Site.

Currently I'm working on Sheet2Site 2.0.