To add more information about the item you can use Detailed Pages (Modal Pop-Up)

Once user will click on the item, the pop-up windown will open with detailed information.

The page url will not change. It's also works in embedded websites.

How it looks like:

Select types

You need select a type for each column in the "Cards" tab that have data for your Detailed Pages (Modal Pop-Up):

  • Detailed-Page-Title
  • Detailed-Page-Description (support's Markdown syntax)
  • Detailed-Page-Image
  • Detailed-Page-Button-Text
  • Detailed-Page-Button-Link
  • Detailed-Page-Extra-Field (can be many)

Detailed-Page-Description column supports Markdown syntax so you can format your page with header titles, lists, new lines, etc. More info here:

Click to open Google Sheet

Set the Setting

In the settings tab make sure that you set Detailed Page or Modal to: Modal Pop-up Page

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