What customers are saying about the product

I was able to plan, setup and launch a project dear to my heart within two hours. I was amazed at how easy everything was - for a few issues that I had questions about, Andrey responded and resolved them right away. And I won ProductHunt No-Code Festival in the process <3

Kalina Zografska

Easy to use,
Enough customization option,
Great customer service,
Responsive and Looks good,
You can embed it into your website/blog.

We used to create tables/infographics to show this kind of information in our blog articles. Now we use Sheet2Site which looks much better, is more interactive, mobile friendly and so easy to keep the information up to date.

Katrien Verrezen

I personally like making side projects, Sheet2Site has made it very easy for me to build a site within 24 hours. If you are familiar with spreadsheets, It also makes it very easy to manage the data on the site. The new templates are really neat, and bring even more use case for Sheet2Site. Give it a try!

Guillaume Bardet

As a non-developer I always face a tough choice when needing to create a website. Sheet2Site was a game changer for me when I wanted to create something fast and simply. All I had to do was enter my data into a Google Sheet and it was set up within a few minutes. Andrey was quick to help when needed as well.

Noah Brinker

Sheet2Site uses Google Sheets so I didn't have to learn a new interface - I just entered my data into the sheet, changed some cells to update the settings and I had a working website. Andrey was quick to answer all my questions and helped me set up Mailchimp and call to cation buttons. Everything took half the time it usually takes for similar projects.

Tomasz Stefaniak

Sheet2site enabled us to test a new concept super fast, and start learning earlier, without investing time and money into a Wordpress setup. The fact that so many elements are configurable is pretty amazing!

Florent de Gantès

Sheet2Site gave me possibility to release a web project quickly without the need to learn new programming language. Thanks to this I can validate my idea without spending a lot of time and money. The number of templates, possibility of customization and integration with other services makes Sheet2Site surprisingly universal tool.

Aleksander Popko

Sheet2site is a great tool for a technophobe like myself. I have found it really easy to use and really like how adaptable the templates are. Andrey has been really helpful throughout the whole process of getting the site up and running and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Emma Ellwood

Sheet2Siteis a fascinating alternative approach to build a simple and yet powerful website, that opens an entire new niche of non-code website development. Whereas WP is too bulky and other builders are too complex, Sheet2Site is the perfect middle ground to literally - just get things done. Andrey replied within an exceptionally short time whenever I ran into problems which I have seldom seen, especially for an indie developer. Thank you & all the best!

Yamin Fouzi

We’ve been looking a for a quick solution to create a site from a data sheet for few months now. This service was the perfect solution to launch my project quickly, without any time, funds, management, downtimes, maintenance, security issues (for servers, plugins, templates…). We’ve been more than happy when we understood how the whole thing works. It’s smart, well organized and you get a lot of control on many features. And the final look is pretty nice too and suit us well. We did use the support a few times, and Andrey was here for each questions. We’ll run more and more sites/business with this service because of it’s automation simplicity - with zapier - and for all the points mentioned above : it give me peace of mind VS a more complex environnement.


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