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Create a Website About Coronavirus

And help spread information in your community


Coronavirus is spreading the world very fast.

Don't panic! Focus on what you can change.

What you can do?

You can create a website that showing useful information about Coronavirus in your city/university/neighborhood.

What information you can share

  1. Map with locations where people were infected
  2. People that need help and what they need
  3. Contact informations

Be wise

Please think first what information can be useful for people and do not create yet another website about coronavirus.

Examples of websites

Some examples of websites about coronavirus that were made by people:


You can start with a simple table of people that need help and people who are offering help.
And a Google Forms to get new reqests

Click to preview

Or you can start with any other Sheet2Site template.

Create a website for free

1. Install Add-on for Google Sheets

2. Choose Template

    Create a new Google Sheet

    Add-ons -> Sheet2Site -> Choose Template

    Please wait for 20 seconds until a template will finish to copying

3. Share your Google Sheet

To be able to make your website work you need to share your sheet with a link. Anyone with a link a see it (if you will share the link), but no one can edit it. Also it can not be found through Google search.

  1. Share (top right corner)
  2. Get shareable link
  3. Anyone with a link can view
  4. Done

4. Publish your website

    Copy the link of your Google Sheet:

    And paste it here 👇

    Google Sheet Link *

    Your website will be open in a new window.

    Please save the link will not change.

5. Edit your website

    Change a text in a "Header" tab in the bottom of the spreadsheet to understand how it works.

6. Push changes to your website

    Open the link that you saved it previusly. Data will will be updated in 30 sec.

7. Advanced Settings

    Add-ons -> Sheet2Site -> Show Advanced Settings.

    More tabs will appear with all advanced settings like Layout, Filters, Subpages etc.

Embed to your existing website

If you already have a website and want to embed your spreadsheet data in a visual way you can easily do it by adding a code snippet

Sheet2Site Embed support all major website builders such as Squrespace, Wix, WordPress, Weebly. It aslo support custom website build with code.

It will keep your logo, navigation bar footer. It will be on a separete page like: example.com/directory

How to embed Sheet2Site to your webiste?

Here is how you can create your own embed site with your own data:

  1. Sheet2Site Google Sheet add-on must be installed
  2. Template must be created
  3. Menu Add-ons -> Sheet2Site -> Embed in your website

  4. Copy code snippet

  5. Paste it into your website builder as embedded code. Let me know if you need any help.

Read Documentaion

    Once you done all of steps above, you can read documentation about what you can do with Sheet2Site

    Read Docs


Let me know if you have any questions message me in the chat in the right corner and I will be happy to help you.