OPP Has COVID-19 Medical Supplies Available Now

We have converted our worldwide hospitality supply chain to now include much needed COVID-19 medical supplies. All products are offered at fair market value. We can now provide:

Infrared Thermometers, Hazmat suits, Face Shields, General PPE Kits, Non Sterile and Surgical Gloves, Goggles, Hand Sanitizers, N95 masks, 3-ply masks, KN95 masks, Particulate respirators, Medical Consumables, Equipment Sanitizing or Cleaning Agents, Surgical Masks, Antibody Testing Kits and PCR Testing Kits, PCR Testing Machines.

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Please see below our COVID-19 response supply list we currently have available.

All products are offered at fair market value. Certificates for each product will be made available.

We are in the process of expanding the list. If you have any specific products you are looking for please let us know and we'll source them for you. Please note prices are subject to change, as the market is very busy. For that reason, shipping costs will be calculated on a case by case basis.


Ref-CodeImageProduct TitleMOQ Daily factory outputOPP Price FOBTypeView
01-CV Hazmat Suit CV0150,00070,000USD 14.00Hazmat Suits View
02-CV Hazmat Suit CV0250,00070,000USD 7.75Hazmat Suits View
26A-JL Hazmat Suit JL01A50,00010,000USD 19.00Hazmat Suits View
26B-JL Hazmat Suit JL01B50,00010,000USD 27.00Hazmat Suits View
34-SA ICU Hazmat Suit SA01100,000n/aUSD 19.00Hazmat Suits View
35-SA Hazmat Suit SA02100,000n/aUSD 15.80Hazmat Suits View
07-CV 3ply Mask C CV01500,0001,000,000USD 0.553ply Masks View
09-CV 3ply Mask D CV02500,000200,000USD 0.453ply Masks View
11-CV 3ply Mask E CV03500,0001,000,000USD 0.453ply Masks View
23-JL 3ply Mask JL13,000,0001,000,000USD 0.453ply Masks View
24-JL 3ply Mask JL21,000,0001,000,000USD 0.493ply Masks View
12-CV KN95 FFP2 A CV011,000,00050,000USD 1.75KN95 Masks View
08-CV KN95 FFP2 B CV021,000,0001,000,000USD 1.87KN95 Masks View
05-CV KN95 FFP2 C CV031,000,00030,000USD 1.76KN95 Masks View
20-JL KN95 FFP2 JL011,000,0001,000,000USD 1.75KN95 Masks View
21-JL KN95 FFP2 JL02A1,000,0001,000,000USD 3.55KN95 Masks View
22-JL KN95 FFP2 JL02B1,000,0001,000,000USD 3.75KN95 Masks View
17-SA Faceshield SA0125,000n/aUSD 0.85Faceshield View
25-JL Protective Goggles JL0130,00025,000USD 3.80Eye Protection View
27-JL Single Use Gloves JL01A1,000,000200,000USD 0.08Gloves View
28-JL Single Use Gloves JL01B200,000 pairs270,000USD 0.35/pairGloves View
30-JL Single Use Gloves JL021,000,0001,000,000USD 0.05Gloves View
37-JL Nitrile Single Use Gloves JL041,000,00050,000,000USD 0.07Gloves View
10-CVIMAGE COMING SOONHand Sanitizer CV01 150ml10,000n/aUSD 1.80Sanitizer View
31-SA Hand Sanitizer SA01A 60ml100,000n/aEUR 1.96Sanitizer View
32-SA Hand Sanitizer SA01B 500ml100,000n/aEUR 5.45Sanitizer View
03-CV Testing Kit A Antibody CV0150,00025,000USD 9.00Test Kit View
04-CV Testing Kit B Antibody CV0250,00050,000USD 8.45Test Kit View
13-CV Testing Kit PCR CV0350,00050,000USD 12.70Test Kit View
29-JL Testing Kit C Antibody JL01500,00050,000USD 11.50Test Kit View
33-JK Testing Kit PCR 2 JK0110 boxes (2,000 tests)100,000USD 34.50Test Kit View
18-SA Infrared Thermometer SA0110,000n/aUSD 35.50Electronics View
19-CV PCR Testing Machine CV0110n/aUSD 13,800Electronics View
39-JL N95 JL011,000,000n/aUSD 3.99N95 Masks View
40-JL Surgery Gown JL01100,000100,000USD 7.95Surgery Gowns View
41-SA Fever Screening System ADE-1N/AN/AUSD 1950Electronics View
42-SA Face Recognition & Temperature Measuring Terminal ADE-2N/AN/AUSD 900Electronics View
43-SA Face Recognition & Temperature Measuring Terminal ADE-3N/AN/AUSD 900Electronics View
44A-DZ Totem Sanitizer Station - Smart model10N/AUSD 299Misc View
44B-DZ Totem Sanitizer Station - Premium model10N/AUSD 699Misc View
44C-DZ Totem Sanitizer Station - Double model10N/AUSD 799Misc View
45-IL Korean Nanofiber Mask1,000,000N/AUSD 2.07Nanofiber Mask View

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