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How it works

1️⃣ Share with us your wishlist, or what you would like to gift, through the form

Fill in details of your offer or need using the "Submit your request" online form.

For employers/dorm operators, please feel free to mention the TOP 3 items/support that you need, even if it's something simple that could cheer your workers up. No request is too big or too small! Some examples of requests you can make:

- I want to treat my workers Macdonalds kitkat mcflurry
- I want induction cookers for our dorm
- I want a karaoke set for our dorm

For folks offering donations/help, do mention the type of donations you are offering (time, skills, food, supplies etc.) whether delivery is required, closing date of offer etc. Think of it as a gift for your workers! If you had a small budget to treat them, what would you get? Every small thought counts! Some examples of donations you can give:

- Offering 100 board games
- I have 100 DIY home crops kit to give

Unfortunately, we’re not accepting clothing items due to hygiene reasons. We appreciate the kind thought, though! :)

2️⃣Make sure you are contactable at the mobile number or email addresses you provide

The contact details you share in the form WILL NOT BE SHOWN in public view on the website; only the description of your request or offer will be shown. :)

3️⃣ Submit (or edit) your request

You can edit your response even after submitting. If you spot a mistake in your post, just re-submit a second one, but do write in to us using the Contact form so that we can delete the error.

4️⃣ Your submission shows up instantly! Check to confirm all details are accurate.

Your submission will show up almost immediately - please be patient and wait 30s before you refresh the browser to check if your submission got posted. We want the community to own this resource, so we won't be gate-keeping your entries unless it's spam, misuse or not relevant to the purpose of this site.

5️⃣ We will match donations with request behind the scenes.

CMSC will match the booster donations with requests, and will contact you to arrange the details of delivery!