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Tools for COVID19 ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ

A directory of tools & resources for small-medium businesses to weather through COVID19, by quickly innovating new service/product offerings.

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FREE websites for COVID-19 related causes - for SMEs

I'll build a COVID-19-related website for you in a day, for FREE. Yes totally free. Anything that would help people be more informed, supported, safer or supplied. Not for creating business websites that are for-profit, but for non-profit initiatives that your company might want to develop for your customers, for public health, or greater common good.

Mobile ordering app - for restaurant owners

For restaurant owners. This app template and platform can help them get set up within hours - get food menu online, make orders receive payment. No programming required. Great for sole proprietors and SME food biz who donโ€™t have buffer resources to ride out this market slump, and need new solutions fast. This app is suitable when you don't wish to onboard to food delivery apps like GrabFood, have existing staff whose job you can redesign to delivery.


Restaurant Online Ordering Template | Paperform - for restaurant owners

Create a simple online ordering form for your restaurant or cafe. Add your own menu, photos, and business hours, and even sell gift cards all on one form. Take payments using Stripe, PayPal Business, Square or Braintree, with no additional charges from Paperform.

JiakNow - for restaurant owners

Jiak Now: From the creators of Bus Uncle, this is a free chatbot for Food Delivery in Singapore for 3 months from the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker. The chatbot allows your customers to browse and search your menu, add items to cart, calculate delivery fees, and submit orders to your staff for pick up and deliveries. Yes, it is free for F&B companies for 3 months from the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker in Singapore. We charge 0% commission. We just want to help our favourite F&B companies survive this crisis period.

Food Delivery Booster Package - Enterprise Singapore - for SMEs

If your business is currently fulfilling delivery orders through other third party logistics players (i.e. deliveries not carried out via Deliveroo, foodpanda and GrabFood), the Package will fund 20% of the delivery cost per trip, for orders made between 7 April and 4 May 2020. There is no cap on the qualifying food delivery transaction value. To qualify, an F&B business must have a food shop or food stall license issued by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), and be selling food that is prepared on-premise for immediate consumption. This excludes businesses that solely retail pre-packaged products e.g. snacks, ice-cream. The support of 20% per delivery cost will be disbursed through eligible third party logistics partners, including Pickupp, Lalamove, Gogovan, Comfortdelgro, Chope.

NinjaVan - for stores changing to delivery

Delivery services for brick-and-mortar shops to change to delivery-only selling. Credit: Gaurav Keerthi

Community board for volunteers & businesses - for volunteers & businesses

For volunteers & businesses. Volunteers and local businesses listing website. Takes less than 10 minutes to set up, without needing to code. -view for volunteers -view for businesses -buttons to add to each. Other COVID projects by Makerpad: makerpad.co/covid

Video call appointments for clinics - for doctors & patients

For doctors & patients. App for medical personnel and booking video appointments. Healthcare workers: connect with patients virtually. If you need free help, there's a tutorial or email ben@makerpad.co - 1-1 in-app messaging - video calling - no-coding required Other COVID projects by Makerpad: makerpad.co/covid

Check in with loved ones - for family & relatives

For daily check in with loved ones. Use this for family and friends to check in. Next: Daily check-in app for your friends & family -How you're feeling -for: Shower, Dressed, Exercised -Links for: Listening to, Reading, Watching -Notes section Other COVID projects by Makerpad: makerpad.co/covid

ChopeAndSave - for local SMEs

Help save Singaporean local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. Your favorite Singaporean Shop/Restaurant might close forever. Help save it. Buy gift cards from this list of local businesses to help "flatten the curve" of lost income from COVID-19.

Zoom - for work, tuition

Video conferencing app for hold remote meetings, conference calls, chats and webinars. Great for work meetings, and tuition centres, teachers, online learning to host live online classes.

Jitsi - for work, tuition

A more secure option for video conferencing, to hold remote meetings, conference calls, chats and webinars. Great for work meetings, and tuition centres, teachers, online learning to host live online classes. Jitsi Meet is free; open-source, meaning outside parties can check its security; and encrypted.

Loom - for work, tuition

For teachers, trainers and educators: Easily set up screencasting and recording (including voiceovers) to push your classes online. The Pro version is FREE for all educators, FOREVER.

Mural - for work

Digital 'whiteboard' workspaces for visual collaboration, inspiration and innovation anytime, anywhere, on any device. Great for online brainstorming and collaboration.

Screen.so - for work, tuition

Fast screen sharing with multiplayer control, drawing & video. Great for work collaboration, and online learning. Great for online learning, tuition and collaborative work.

Ministry of Manpower $50 allowance for Malaysian workers - for SMEs

Ministry of Manpower: To help employers defray the additional costs of housing affected workers in short-term housing, eligible employers can apply for temporary housing support of $50 per affected worker per night, capped at 14 nights to cover the extra housing costs incurred. Great for F&B, transport and other service industries who employ Malaysians.

Digital Solutions Directory for Companies - IMDA & SGTech - for SMEs

IMDA and SGTech have rallied the ICT community to bring together a package of technology solutions, including discounted offers where relevant, to help enterprises address the business challenges arising from COVID-19. Tech package available:

  • Visitor Management
  • Remote Working
  • Sell Online
  • Bill and Pay Online

Resilience Budget for businesses - for SMEs

Comprehensve list of government support, in cash flow, costs and credit for businesses and assistance for sectors affected by COVID-19.

Solidarity Budget 2020: Further support for businesses through the circuit breaker period - for SMEs

Comprehensve list of government support, in cash flow, costs and credit for businesses and assistance for sectors affected by COVID-19.

Sheet2site - for SMEs

Convert your Google spreadsheet into a sleek looking website. NO programming required. Great for any SME to create content or information product.

Glideapps - for SMEs

Convert your Google spreadsheet into a sleek looking app. NO programming required. Great for any SME to create content or information product.

Self-care Apps for Remote Work - for SMEs

A curated list of 100+ self-care apps for remote workers' health, work-life balance and wellness. Great for businesses to share this resource with their employees who might be new to working from home.

Free livestreaming equipment | JRC - for SMEs

Free live streaming equipment (or pay as you wish) for cancelled events, webinars or freelancers without equipment to take on jobs. Great for entertainment businesses to consider loving into livestreaming. Credit: Jeshua Soh

Relief Measures and Support from DBS - for SMEs

A range of short-term liquidity relief measures in business loans, rebates, business disruption insurance, and tech solutions. Credit: Adrian

Design Singapore Council support schemes - for design SMEs

Support schemes for designers and design businesses - income relief, training support, jobs, loans, insurance, grants, shared services, digital starter pack.

Recruiting for Good - LinkedIn - for healthcare organizations

LinkedIn: We're looking to support the recruiting needs of organizations that are filling volunteer or full-time positions specifically for coronavirus response. We're currently able to prioritize healthcare and disaster relief organizations. Please contact us if youโ€™re interested. We'll get back to you as soon as possible on how we may be able to partner with your team on pro bono recruiting assistance as well as posting critical jobs for free.

iSave.sg - for SMEs

isavesg is an Offer platform to help restaurants, bars and local businesses. This initiative allows you to support local businesses financially that are affected by the COVID-19 crisis by getting offers for restaurants, bars, cafรฉs and boutiques. iSaveSG is completely free of cost and doesnโ€™t impose any fees on merchant or user.

E-Commerce Booster Package - by Enterprise Singapore - for SMEs

The E-Commerce Booster Package supports local retailers to bring your business online and diversify your sales channels and revenue streams beyond traditional brick-and-mortar.

Through this initiative, businesses can engage one of the four appointed e-commerce platforms to sell your products online and expand your reach in the Singapore market. Services offered by the appointed e-commerce platforms include content development, product listing, channel management, fulfilment, advertising and promotion, training workshops to enhance e-commerce capabilities.

Eligible local retailers will receive a one-time support to defray 90% of eligible costs (up to S$9000) for up to 6 months.

Stuck Design - for SMEs

Stuck Design: We want to help you for free. If you are a healthcare worker and spot an urgent need for innovation to help everyone out, we want to help you make this happen. How we can help:

  • prototype quickly
  • refine your ideas
  • invent and engineer
  • human factor
  • source and fabricate
  • build electronics
  • develop software

Send us your requests on Whatsapp +65 8533 6353. We're in this together.

#SupportLocal F&Bs - List on Carousell - for restaurant owners

Local F&Bs can create a listing for free on Carousell's new Local F&Bs category. Unilever will also provide free training resources to help you adjust to COVID-19, such as how to ensure food is safe for delivery, managing food delivery complaints, how to promote etc.

SME Leadership Academy | Google & UOB - for SMEs

The SME Leadership Academy programme is developed by Google in collaboration with UOB to help SMEs in Singapore build strong digital capabilities to accelerate their digital transformation. Over 300 SME leaders have been trained in 2019. The revised 2020 format provides better support to SMEs during this challenging period including redesigning the curriculum from in-person seminars to regular webinar sessions and adopting an industry focus covering insights, tips and recommendations to help you reach your customers online. These have been designed in collaboration with the Economic Development Board (EDB) and with the support of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Singapore Retailers Association (SRA).

SME Leadership Academy | Google & UOB - for SMEs in travel

As Singapore begins the first phase of eased restrictions, many SMEs in the tourism sector continue to navigate challenges caused by the pandemic. During this period, getting the right digital capabilities can help your business adapt, survive and thrive. To help you do this, Google and UOB have customised the SME Leadership Academy for the travel industry to equip you with insights and digital solutions for adapting to the new normal. More than 1,100 SME leaders registered for the first series of retail-focused livestreams, with 8 in 10 recommending the webinar series to colleagues. We look forward to sharing similarly tailored content for your travel business.

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