📢 F&Bs, we'll help match you to a delivery rider. Contact us here. 🚚

How it works

1️⃣ Fill out online form

Fill in details of your offer or need for delivery using the "Submit your request" online form.

2️⃣Use only business numbers

The contact details you share in the form will be shown in public view on the website, so please do not leave your personal number if you're not comfortable sharing it publicly. Use a business number (pre-paid numbers might work), create a new email address and use it here, or share your Facebook profile link.

3️⃣ Submit or edit

You can edit your response even after submitting. If you submitted a mistake post, just re-submit a second one, but let me know using the Contact form so that I can delete the error.

4️⃣ See your post show up here

Your submission will show up almost immediately - please be patient and wait 30s before you refresh the browser to check if your submission got posted. We want the community to own this resource, so we won't be gate-keeping your entries unless it's spam, misuse or not relevant to the purpose of this site.

5️⃣ Use the search bar to find your match

You post will bring in contacts, but you can also reach out to them directly! Use the search bar to find. If you're, say, looking to offer delivery to F&Bs in the East, type "need-delivery east" in the search bar.

6️⃣ Get realtime job updates on Telegram

Delivery drivers: Get realtime job updates on our Telegram channel whenever a hawker/F&B posts a food delivery job.

7️⃣ Leave us a comment if you do find a match!

To be honest, as most of the matching happens between the F&B and the rider, we have no idea how effective Dabao Dash is. So we'll greatly appreciate if you could let us know in the Contact form that you found a rider or F&B here, and how it helped you!