Hey, we’re Nomad Hunt. 🤝

We are a team of traveling entrepreneurs who were tired of trying to jerry-rig and McGyver fixes to problems that other smart people already built solutions for. Solutions that would’ve saved us very large piles of man/woman/person hours, had we only found them sooner. Darn. Wouldn’t it be nice if all your digital nomad needs were met under one roof? Hmm...

Enter stage left: 🎉 Nomad Hunt! 🎉

We put all the solutions in one place so it’s easy for nomads to search, sift, and solve.

Imagine the library you wanted in your mansion growing up. Shelves that went as high and far as the eye could see, a ladder that rolled alongside it to make even the safest act of reading dangerous, light streaming in from the windows lined in dense, velvet curtains that illuminated all the dust bits in the air, complete with a butler to hold whatever you were tired of carrying. That's basically us! Except... if the library was filled only with information about companies, products, or services bent on serving the digital nomad, was easily searchable with the quick taps of a keyboard, and curated by the people for the people. … So similar enough.

Point is, we only give you the best of the best. And actually, if something isn't the best, it sinks down into the voting blackhole and you don't have to worry yourself with it.

People come to us and submit some awesome and relevant solution (awesomeness, relevancy, and solution-ness filtered thickly by us) OR we go out and find stuff that benefits the community and post it! Either way, once it's out there, it's out of our hands. Our curious and scrolling nomads, who explore both the physical and digital world, are the ones who, at the end of the day, decide who sinks and who floats with the click of their votes.

We’re just trying to make lives easier.

Thanks for being the solution ✌️