China Tech News


The Chinese short-video app announced plans to incubate 100,000 businesses, groom 10,000 livestreamers, and host over 1 million ecommerce livestreaming sessions.

The Covid-19 pandemic could be accelerating Hong Kong's transformation into a cashless society. Visa has already seen its ecommerce transactions rise by 10 percentage points YoY.

According to the report by Accenture, Chinese women are spending more, accounting for 75% of all consumer purchases in the mainland China. has said that it’s looking to launch a function that allows customers to indicate whether they are willing to wait up to 10 minutes longer for their deliveries.

Sequoia China is looking to leverage its record of backing Chinese technology winners with its new hedge fund.

The Chinese internet giant Baidu has rolled out a robotaxi service in the Chinese capital. Didi and AutoX also has announced its robotaxi services in China too.

Shukun, aims to quickly read computed images from physical examinations, helping doctors diagnose lung disease and so on, has raised USD 29 million.

The company will be valued at USD 13 billion. After a USD 1 billion round in March, Yuanfudao already became the most valuable edtech startup in China.

Bunnymaicai, which currently operates in Eastern China, wants a slice of the USD 733 billion fresh food retail market.

WeChat adds new function - Search Engine

The move comes amid significant disruption in China’s search engine industry, with Tencent buying Sogou and ByteDance releasing Toutiao Search.

Chinese online short-video app Kuaishou looks to raise up to US$5 billion in a Hong Kong IPO as early as January.

Tencent has scored Premier League broadcast deal. Tencent will make half of the matches free to watch, with the remainder accessible via subscription.

Alibaba and Tencent spotted an opportunity that they couldn’t pass up: the country’s growing and aging car fleet.

The move is another step for ByteDance towards making Douyin a fully-fledged e-commerce platform.

WeRide has been testing its vehicles in challenging urban conditions while Baidu plans a Beijing expansion for its autonomous driving service.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and E-House, a real estate research and marketing firm, have jointly launched Tmall Haofang, a channel for buying and selling houses on e-commerce platform Tmall.

Alibaba has unveiled its first logistics robot Xiaomanlv for more efficient last-mile delivery, officially entering the robot competition with other e-commerce players.

Alibaba has unveiled its New Manufacturing pilot with the introduction of Xunxi Digital Factory, which has initially offered SMEs in the apparel industry a cloud-based production supply chain that can respond quickly to shifting consumer trends.

Alibaba has announced its cloud-enabled mini computer which packs enough power to cut the rendering time of one frame of high resolution animation from 90 minutes down to 10 minutes.