MacBook Alarm

⁉️ Problem Most of the time I work from a coffee shop with my laptop, and from time to time I'll leave to visit the toilet. But whenever I go, I πŸ˜“ worry that someone might πŸ‘Ί steal my laptop while I'm away.

πŸ›  Solution I tried to find an existing solution to protect my laptop, but none satisfied me. The existing apps are either too expensive (monthly subscription), not supported anymore or they don't work the way that I want. For example, many of them don't play the alarm sound when the display is closed, making it easy for the thief to run away.

So I decided to make my own perfect macOS security alarm app...

How does it work?

If someone tries to steal my laptop (disconnect from the charger or close the display), MacBook Alarm detects it, sounds an alarm and sends a push notification to Telegram so I can capture the bad guy!

πŸ”Ό UPDATE: I receive a lot of feedback after 1 week and made an update. Now there are 3 alarm modes:

  • If the charger was disconnected or display was closed

  • If the charger was disconnected

  • If the display was closed

  • Anti mute/sound change protection.