Where did the name Segment Bender come from?

The "Segments" part is because the entire site is based around Strava Segments.
The "Benders" part obviously comes from the ability of those that post a Top 10 time on those segments to bend the rules of space and time to do it so fast.

Why is it only Dublin and Wicklow on the list?

Because it has the highest ratio of benders to segments in the country.

Shouldnt blah blah blah should be on the list!?

No. But you can send any suggestions to the high council and using the contact form and we will consider your stupid request

Will you expand the list to the rest of Ireland?

It will be considered if someone gives us the list of top top segments we could consider it during our next AGM.

How often is the list of segments and benders refreshed?

Every 6 hours.

Why every 6 hours?

Please stop asking me questions.