About - Corentin Robert


πŸ‘‹ Hi!

I'm Corentin Robert. I launched Buyigname with Sheet2Site in order to connect buyers and sellers of Instagram accounts.

I'm working on this project as a side project and I hope it turns into a full time project. I created all the business, marketing and technical processes. I also offer this service because I know exactly how to get Instagram accounts off the ground in a few months by only using hashtags: Hashtags Hacking Strategy

I hope you'll enjoy this platform!

πŸ“š Story

When I was working on my last project getinstaninja.com, I always thought that developing Instagram accounts and reselling them can provide me with passive income. So I started to create 1, 2, 50 then 100 and now I have +250. This allowed me to learn a lot and to discover a method to develop them organically only with hashtags.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Now

I'm currently student @Hetic, already built a company πŸ“Έ getinstaninja.com which I've decided to divest in June 2019. Now, I'm working on πŸ”— linkstagram.co + πŸ“maphero.co + πŸ–ŠοΈ quotestagram.io